Hunter Squadron (Yeoman, #11) por Robert Jackson

Hunter Squadron (Yeoman, #11) por Robert Jackson

Titulo del libro: Hunter Squadron (Yeoman, #11)

Autor: Robert Jackson

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Robert Jackson con Hunter Squadron (Yeoman, #11)

Summer 1960: Group Captain George Yeoman is about to be thrown into battle once more...

As Officer Commanding at RAF Rheinbrücken, Yeoman is preparing a squadron of Hawker Hunters for a forthcoming NATO air defence exercise.

But orders are given to take his Hunters to the Congolese Republic.

British uranium interests are being threatened by a fanatical politician, Nkrombe, who is believed to be planning an invasion of the small neighbouring state of Warambe where the mines are situated.

Nkrombe, backed by highly skilled mercenary pilots and Sabre Jet fighters, is a formidable threat to Yeoman’s Hunter squadron: especially as Warambe turns out to be only a side-show

Nkrombe seeks to control the whole empire of Central Africa.

In a fierce air battle over the jungle, Yeoman encounters his old wartime enemy, Colonel Joachim Richter, now a mercenary in opposition to the British force.

Cut off from communications and unaware that their orders have changed, Yeoman and Richter find themselves besieged by approaching rebel forces.

And secrets lie behind Yeoman’s misson…

Praise for Robert Jackson

'Takes you to the heart of the action.' - Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Cold Kill

Robert Jackson (b. 1941) is a prolific author of military and aviation history, having become a fulltime writer in 1969. As an active serviceman in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve he flew a wide range of aircraft, ranging from jets to gliders. Hunter Squadron is the eleventh book in the Sergeant George Yeoman series. Hurricane Squadron is the first.