Douglas and TIgger (English Edition) por Andrew Cobb

Douglas and TIgger (English Edition) por Andrew Cobb

Titulo del libro: Douglas and TIgger (English Edition)

Autor: Andrew Cobb

Número de páginas: 209 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 1, 2011

Editor: Andrew Cobb

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Andrew Cobb con Douglas and TIgger (English Edition)

Douglas, capatin of Minor County Cricket Club, Westhants, has to act: The club's President, his team-mates' apathy, and the Wildacts, the American football team the President plans to import, are all ranged against him. To survive, Westhants have only to win England's premier cricketing competition. Derring-do on the pitch, skulduggery offit, crooked property developers, a pond, and Tigger (Douglas' philosophising cat) all conspire to throw Westhatns and Douglas headlong into a desperate battle for survival