Zombies Assemble Vol. 2 Manga por Yusaku Komiyama

Zombies Assemble Vol. 2 Manga por Yusaku Komiyama

Titulo del libro: Zombies Assemble Vol. 2 Manga

Autor: Yusaku Komiyama

Número de páginas: 160 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 13, 2018

ISBN: 9780785194613

Editor: Marvel Comics

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Yusaku Komiyama con Zombies Assemble Vol. 2 Manga

The Avengers face a threat even bigger and more menacing than they could have imagined as the stakes are raised in the race to cure the zombie outbreak! Caught in a massive explosion, Captain America, Hawkeye and Iron Man wake up in the midst of a city overrun by zombies. Miraculously, they find they haven't been turned, though they come face-to-face with Jasper Scott - a mysterious scientist who claims to have a cure for the virus. But who is he really, and does he actually possess the antivirus Bruce Banner has been struggling to create? More important: Is the Hulk immune to the zombie plague? Marvel's English-language adaptation of the original blockbuster manga series rolls on! Collecting ZOMBIES ASSEMBLE 2 #1-4. Printed in black-and-white in the original right-to-left reading orientation. Rated T+