Ruth por Elizabeth Gaskell, Angus Easson

Ruth por Elizabeth Gaskell, Angus Easson

Titulo del libro: Ruth

Autor: Elizabeth Gaskell, Angus Easson

Número de páginas: 432 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 1, 1998

ISBN: 0140434305

Editor: Penguin Books

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Elizabeth Gaskell, Angus Easson con Ruth

In Ruth Elizabeth Gaskell set out to portray, not 'the Condition of England' already famously addressed in Mary Barton, but the nature and sensibility of a fallen woman. Her orphaned heroine Ruth, apprenticed to a dressmaker, is seduced and then abandoned by wealthy young Henry Bellingham. Shamed in the eyes of society by her illegitimate son, and yet rejecting the opportunity to marry her seducer, Ruth finds a path that affirms we are not bound to repeat our mistakes. When Ruth, Elizabeth Gaskell's second novel, appeared in 1853 its first reviewers were less scandalized than moved and intrigued. In considering a 'fallen woman', Gaskell explores the worlds of nineteenth-century experience concerned with women and family, sexuality, love and religion. She declared of her critics: 'It has made them talk and think a little on a subject which is so painful it requires all one's bravery not to hide one's head like an ostrich.'.